Bob Cianci
Meet Burgundy Watch

Bob Cianci - Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Harmonica & Vocals
Burgundy Watch founder Bob Cianci is a resident of northwest New Jersey and a lifelong musician. Originally a drummer (who still plays drums with another band), Bob always owned guitars and played for his own enjoyment, but didn’t become serious about playing guitar professionally until several years ago when he formed Burgundy Watch. Bob’s musical career dates back to the late ‘60’s with the infamous garage band, Saturday’s Garbage, who have been immortalized in the book, Fuzz, Acid & Flowers. Since then, Bob has played in a multitude of rock, blues, country and R&B bands in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. He has recorded extensively with The Kootz, Son Lewis, The Wheels, featuring his close friend, bassist Vern Miller of The Remains, and has jammed with Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame members The Yardbirds, guitarists Mick Ronson, T-Bone Burnett, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Jimmy Vivino and Cesar Diaz, plus Nashville steel guitarists Curley Chaulker and Jeff Newman, among many others.

Pete Barba - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Pete lives in northeastern New Jersey arriving there at age 16 by way of Brooklyn. He began his formal musical training studying classical piano for 10 years under the tutelage of renowned instructor William Friedman. His passion in music eventually drifted to pop and rock and so he taught himself to play guitar as a teen. Pete’s taste in music is eclectic and a short list of artists and bands he admires would include, the Beatles, Stones, Allmans, Buffalo Springfield, Squeeze, Crowded House, Fleetwood Mac, Suzanne Vega, Pretenders, Police and Lucy Kaplansky. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s Pete was involved in various musical projects from local theater groups to cover bands playing his beloved pop-rock. Also, like many musicians he spent time performing original music and didn’t get rich doing it. Eventually Pete left the music scene when his career as a high school teacher and coach left him too pooped to perform. After a long hiatus from live performing Pete slowly reentered the music scene around 2007 and has performing steadily since then. He plays all formats from solo, acoustic duo & trio and full rock band.

Ron Cinnella - Bass - Vocals

Ron lives in Northern NJ and has been a musician for the past 25 years. Starting out as a drummer early in his career, Ron moved to the bass guitar about 17 years ago when the opportunity arose in Tony Destro's Bowery Boys and has been playing bass ever since. Ron played with the Bowery Boys for 15 years and had the opportunity to play onstage at the Trump Marina in Atlantic City, NJ and had a 15 year run playing at Manny's Sports Bar in Moonachie, NJ on a weekly basis. Ron has been singing lead in a barbershop quartet for the past 24 years. His quartet competes several times a year throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and has won several silver medals. They have been ranked 8th out of 100 quartets in 2010.

Matt Patuto - Drums and Percussion
Matt is a longtime and talented veteran of the New Jersey music scene, who teaches drums, has written drum instruction books, and performs in a variety of situations in several bands. We're happy to have him with us.

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